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Connect Development

This roadmap is a living document and will be updated as Connect progresses.

Project Roadmap

We are just getting started with the open Connect platform, and we are excited to see what the future holds. There are a lot of ideas being worked on hard to extend Connect and make it even more useful for creators and players.

Our major goal is to keep Connect a stable and reliable service that is always on, always developing and the core features free to use for everyone.

Core of Connect Platform

Connect Plugin

Multi-platform supporting Minecraft Java plugins for SpigotMC/PaperMC, Gate, BungeeCord, Velocity, Sponge, and more.

Connect Network

  • Connect Edge Proxies
  • Connect APIs

Connect Hub

In-Game Server Browser Hub

Additional components for Connect Platform

These are additional components on the roadmap work on top of the core of Connect Platform. They will all work together to provide complete solutions for creators and players.

  • Find the top-rated game servers and quickly join them
  • See the history of servers you were connected on to join back later
  • Search for any game server registered with Connect Network and filter by rating, category, tags, and more


Players can rate and review game servers they played on a certain amount of time and get rewarded for it. This helps other players to find the best game servers when browsing server categories.


As a player: You walk through the world and explore previews of every game server. You like what you see? Jump into its portal, and you get connected to the server in a blink of an eye!

As a server creator: You design the gate of your game server to make it appealing to players walking by. Only limited to the Minecraft blocks available and your imagination you have an area where you can transfer the spirit of your games to advertise your server to new players.


Developers can create their own games and integrate them with APIs in the Connect Network. Players are able to browse, play and rate these game servers. Developers host their games but will be able to let Connect do the deployment and scaling for them to focus on game development only.


The Minekube Cloud will be a hosting platform that allows players and creators to create and manage servers on-demand and pay only for the time they use it. Players are able to control their servers and resources in-game from the Connect Hub and Dashboard.

Reminders for the future

  • Support Skript with an addon to easily integrate Connect into your Skript scripts and manage your servers and players.

There are plenty of more use cases, stay tuned and join the Discord!

Plugins are released under the MIT License. (web version: 4ac5fc6e)