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Minekube Connect

The Ingress Tunnel for Minecraft Servers

A global gateway to a DDoS-protected developer platform with public domains for localhost. Connect → The Minecraft native Superproxy

Connect securely · Deploy faster

We are changing the way developers build Minecraft networks

Minekube Connect is a cloud-native Minecraft TCP edge network, built on top of our open source Gate project. It's the Cloudflare for Minecraft.

Minekube Connect
Self-host your Connector, we manage the Superproxy infrastructure.
Minekube Games
You create the game experience, we bring the players and infrastructure. Matchmaking and scale on demand. (Coming Soon)
Minekube Analytics
Get rich metrics and find insights about your players like, so you can anticipate what players want to play next. (Coming Soon)
Minekube Developer Platform
Coming Soon: Search Browser, Reviews & Votes, Marketplace, Ads

Capable Connectivity

The Cloudflare for Minecraft

Minekube Connect serves Minecraft TCP, where Cloudflare doesn't. Connect advances and deploys our well-known open source Gate proxy, globally.

Ingress Tunnels
A DDoS-protected Minecraft native Superproxy at any edge near your players.
Anycast domains
Public IP address routing to your nearest Minecraft endpoints, protected by Connect edge.
Fast setup
Build any network architecture you want. One binary / container / plugin, and a few lines of configuration.
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See the Minekube experience through your amazing words

“Hey, just wanted to reach out and say hi really! Your Minekube project caught our attention, and it's great to connect with others doing cool stuff in the Minecraft tech space. Would love to have a call to introduce ourselves and hear about your story, plus trade stories of working with Minecraft in weird and wonderful ways”

Zed - Managing Director

“It is extremely interesting to see Minekube evolve”

Joshua - CTO

“Gradients in Gate 🎉 NBS 😎 added arguments to my NBS command, so I'm just jamming right now. Lol, it even supports server switching mid-song, which I assume wasn't done before. However, Gate has revived my love for Go lol. The SimpleProxy is surprisingly good at covering all bases like scheduling, messages, Brigadier (plus suggestions), and events.”


“It looks lovely! I have had a good time working on my project so far with Gate and am excited to see its progress.”

Ö for{i}am꧂

“I’m working on a cloud system in Go and want to support Gate to enhance user experience and make it more extendable. Here's the current version of the Go MC cloud system with a dashboard in action. 😄”

Cerberus - Founder PricelessKeys

“Thank you, I didn't realize how braindead proxy protocol was, ended up using that. To those looking at a similar situation: it's literally just 'proxyprotocol: true' in paper globals. Enable that on Gate and bada bing bada boom, you're golden.”

Server User

“The instructions for the setup are clear and easy to understand. Both setups I tested are working perfectly, with Gate Lite routing the connection correctly. The custom domain feature is great and works perfectly. I appreciate the ability to manually trigger a refresh for the DNS-check.”

NixNux123 - Admin

“I like this project so much, I would even be happy to host my own gateway and allow others to use it. I'm sure that people will eventually find Minekube.”


“Thanks for making some cool software Minekube ❤️”


Use your favorite Minecraft software

Connect works with all major Minecraft server software. Whether you are using Spigot, Paper, Gate, Velocity or BungeeCord. Install the Connect plugin or enable native Connect in the Gate config and you are ready to go.


Join the Mission

Minekube Open Source and Services thrive with guidance from an international team of contributors and a dedicated core team.

Join the Core Team!

Join the Core Team!

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We're Hiring developers passionate about innovation. Shape cutting-edge products and services, contribute to thriving open source projects, and earn from it.

Robin Brämer

Robin Brämer

CTO @ Minekube

Independent open source developer, creator of Connect, Gate & Minekube Organization.



Tech. Moderation @ Minekube

Technical Community Moderation at Minekube Platform



Engineer @ Minekube

Engineering at Minekube Platform

Not affiliated with Mojang nor Minecraft