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Quick Start

This page explains the steps to use Connect with your Minecraft server or network.


  • You have a Minecraft server running anywhere (locally or remote).
  • You have a Minecraft client for joining (paid or non-paid).

Go to the Connect Dashboard! Optional

Proceed the Quick Start from there:


If you want to use the Connect Dashboard after the set-up, follow the steps below. You can later import your Minecraft Endpoints to the dashboard to manage them.

Step 1: Choose a Connector

Connectors are the link between your Minecraft Endpoints and the Connect Network.

-> Go to Available Connectors

Step 2: Launch your Connector

Follow the guide of the Connector you chose to install and launch it. The first time the Connector is launched, the Endpoint will be protected with a token, that you can reset in the Dashboard at any time.

-> If you face serious issues get help in the Discord.


Your Minecraft server is now protected by the Connect Network and players can join it at <endpoint>!

Next Steps: Consider to import your Endpoints to the Connect Dashboard.

Getting Help

If you need help, join the Minekube Community Discord and post a support request in the #support forum.


Endpoint Token

If your get an authentication error from the Watch service, then try to reset the token in the Dashboard and update it in your connect.json / token.json file of your Connector.

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