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Server Protections

Server protections are a set of features that protect your server from malicious players and attacks.

The best way to protect your server is to hide the public IP behind the Connect Network and enable online-mode.

DDoS Protection

When hiding your server behind Connect, the network tries to protect your server from DDoS attacks by using a distributed network of proxies to route player traffic through. This means that if one of the proxies in the network is under attack, other proxies will take over real player traffic and protect your server from being overloaded.

Bot Protection

This feature is a Draft and not yet available

Connect uses a set of heuristics to detect bots and malicious players. If a player is detected as a bot, they will be disconnected from the network.

Methods used to detect bots:

  • Player movement
  • Human verification captcha
  • Heuristic to check for sending too many packets per second

One great method to make it harder for spambots is to enable online-mode for your server to only allow players to join your server if they have a valid Minecraft account.


Protecting your server from bots is a never ending battle. If you have a good idea on how to improve the bot protection, please let us know on our Discord.

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