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Offline Mode

This page explains how to allow players to join your server in Offline Mode.

What is Offline Mode?

Offline mode is a feature of Minecraft Vanilla that allows players to join a server without needing an Internet connection to authenticate their Minecraft account. This is useful for LAN parties or for players who don't own a Minecraft account. There are also many public offline-mode servers that allow players to join without a paid Minecraft account.

Offline mode servers and unauthenticated players are often referred to as cracked servers and players.

Joining the Connect Browser Hub

To join the Browser Hub as a cracked player, you can use to join the Connect Network.

Enabling Offline Mode

It is possible to join the Connect Network without a valid Minecraft account. By default, Connect ensures that only Mojang authenticated players can join your online mode server.

To allow unauthenticated players to join your offline-mode server, you have to set the allow-offline-mode-players option in the Connect Plugin configuration to true.

allow-offline-mode-players: true

Offline-mode player connections are not encrypted between the player and the Connect Network edge. Player connections are always encrypted between the Connect edge and Connect Endpoints - thanks to Connect Tunnels.

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