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How to join your Connect Server

Joining your Server

Every server has a unique configurable Endpoint name that directly reflects the domain players can join the server with. If you leave this field empty, Connect will use a temporary random endpoint name for your server provided by the Random Name Service.

You can always update that endpoint name in the config:

endpoint: your-server-name
  name: your-server-name

The environment variable CONNECT_ENDPOINT takes precedence over the configuration file.

Joining with free provided Public Domain

After installing Connect plugin and starting your server you will see the free public domain for your server that looks like <endpoint>

[connect] Enabling connect vX.Y.Z
[connect] Enpoint name: live-beru
[connect] Your public address:

Use your domain to join your server.

Console showing public domain

Ping requests are also mirrored to the endpoint server.

Joining from Browser Hub

Players can also discover your server from the in-game Browser Hub at and can join with the in-game UIs or with the /browser join <your-server-name> command.

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