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Server Domains

What are server endpoint domains and how to use them?

What is a domain?

An Internet domain is a unique name that identifies a server or a website. Connect provides a free public domain for every server that uses the Connect Plugin automatically to allow players to join directly instead of first joining and using the Browser Hub.

Joining your Server

For more information on how to join your server see Joining your Server.

Bringing your own domain

This feature is not yet available.

Feel free to request this feature on our Discord to be added sooner.

Sometimes you want to use your own domain for your server to let player join with. This is great to build trust and a brand around your server and to make it easier for players to remember.

You are able to point your domain to your free public domain <endpoint> with a CNAME record and adding the domain to your Connect config to trust your domain.

Plugins are released under the MIT License. (web version: 4ac5fc6e)