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Code Examples

Code examples are a great way to learn how to use the Connect API in different languages.

See also Other languages.

package sample;

import build.buf.gen.minekube.connect.v1alpha1.ConnectEndpointRequest;
import build.buf.gen.minekube.connect.v1alpha1.ConnectEndpointResponse;
import build.buf.gen.minekube.connect.v1alpha1.ConnectServiceGrpc.ConnectServiceBlockingStub;
import build.buf.gen.minekube.connect.v1alpha1.ListEndpointsRequest;
import build.buf.gen.minekube.connect.v1alpha1.ListEndpointsResponse;
import com.minekube.connect.api.InstanceHolder;
import org.bukkit.Bukkit;

public class SamplePlugin extends JavaPlugin {

    public void onEnable() {
        ConnectServiceBlockingStub client = InstanceHolder.getClients().getConnectServiceBlockingStub();

        // List all endpoints
        ListEndpointsRequest listReq = ListEndpointsRequest.newBuilder().build();
        ListEndpointsResponse listRes = client.listEndpoints(listReq);
                "First page of active and accessible Endpoints: " + listRes.getEndpointsList());

        // Move all online players to another Endpoint
        ConnectEndpointRequest connectReq = ConnectEndpointRequest.newBuilder()
                        .map(p -> p.getUniqueId().toString())
        getLogger().info("Moving players: " + connectReq.getPlayersCount());
        ConnectEndpointResponse connectRes = client.connectEndpoint(connectReq);
package goexample

import (

	minekube ""
	connectpb ""

	// You can read more about Buf's Connect for Go here

const (
	// This is the official Connect API endpoint.
	baseURL = ""

	// These are the headers you need to set to authenticate with the Connect API.
	endpointHeader = "Connect-Endpoint"
	tokenHeader    = "Authorization"

// ExampleClient_ListEndpoints shows how to list endpoints you have access to.
// It uses the default http.Client and sets the endpoint and token headers
// manually.
func ExampleClient_ListEndpoints() {
	// Set up the client.
	client := minekube.NewConnectServiceClient(http.DefaultClient, baseURL)

	// Set up a request to list endpoints you have access to.
	ctx := context.TODO()
	req := connect.NewRequest(&connectpb.ListEndpointsRequest{})
	req.Header().Set(endpointHeader, "my-endpoint")
	req.Header().Set(tokenHeader, "Bearer "+"my-token")

	// Fetch all endpoints until the server returns an empty page.
	for {
		// Send the request.
		res, err := client.ListEndpoints(ctx, req)
		if err != nil {

		// Print the endpoints.
		for _, endpoint := range res.Msg.GetEndpoints() {
			// Do something with the endpoint.

		// Prepare the next request.
		req.Msg.PageToken = res.Msg.GetNextPageToken()
		if req.Msg.PageToken == "" {
			// No more pages.

// ExampleClient_ListEndpoints_WithHeadersTransport shows how to connect players
// to an endpoint. It uses a custom http.Client that adds the endpoint and token
// headers to every request automatically.
func ExampleClient_ConnectEndpoint_WithHeadersTransport() {
	// Set up the client.
	httpClient := &http.Client{Transport: &headersTransport{
		headers: map[string]string{
			endpointHeader: "my-endpoint",
			tokenHeader:    "my-token",
	client := minekube.NewConnectServiceClient(httpClient, baseURL)

	// Set up a request to connect a players to an endpoint you have access to.
	ctx := context.TODO()
	req := connect.NewRequest(&connectpb.ConnectEndpointRequest{
		Endpoint: "my-endpoint",
		Players: []string{
			// example player uuids,
			// the players must be online and on another endpoint you have access to.

	// Send the request.
	_, err := client.ConnectEndpoint(ctx, req)
	if err != nil {

// headersTransport is a http.RoundTripper that adds headers to requests
// before sending them so that we don't have to add them to every request
// manually.
type headersTransport struct {
	headers map[string]string
	base    http.RoundTripper

// RoundTrip implements http.RoundTripper. It adds the headers to the request.
func (h *headersTransport) RoundTrip(req *http.Request) (*http.Response, error) {
	for k, v := range h.headers {
		req.Header.Add(k, v)
	base := h.base
	if base == nil {
		base = http.DefaultTransport
	return base.RoundTrip(req)

Plugins are released under the MIT License (version: 6d72d859) - Not affiliated with Mojang nor Minecraft