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Clients and Endpoints authenticate to Connect API with an API token and the Endpoint name so that Connect knows who is making requests and what permissions you have.

If you are using the Connect API through the Java API provided by Connect Plugin then you do not write authentication code.

Required Headers

All requests to the Connect API require the following headers:

  • Connect-Endpoint - The name of the endpoint the token belongs to.
  • Authorization: Bearer <ENDPOINT_TOKEN> - The token of the endpoint you are connecting to.

Endpoint Names

Connect has the concept of globally unique endpoint names to identify your server even after restarts. The Connectors use a token file to authenticate that you own an endpoint name in the Connect Network.


The token and endpoint name have a direct relationship. If you lose your token.json file and haven't imported your endpoint to the Connect Dashboard, your endpoint name is lost, and you will have to use a new name. If you have imported your endpoint you can always reset your token in the dashboard.

Super Endpoints

Checkout Super Endpoints guide for authorizing other endpoints to act on your Endpoint's behalf.

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