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The step-by-step plan to increase adoption

We plan to grow the Connect community in phases and increase adoption of Connect step-by-step starting with targeting the most important features and audiences.

The goal is to grow the following counting factors:

  • Connect Plugin installations
  • Servers linked to Connect Network
  • Users playing on servers through Connect Network

Step #1 - Friends & Local Host Servers

Our first target audience are friends that want to play together on their local host servers and servers owners experimenting with Connect.

Step #2 - Grow creators & players pool

Our second target audiences are creators that want to grow their player base and players that want to discover new servers.

Here we will focus on the Connect Browser to make it an interactive in-game server list where players can surf, join and review servers with their friends.

Gamification, Referral and Friends systems will be keys to success at this phase and beyond.

Step #3 - Developers

Our third target audience are developers to allow them to extend the Connect Platform and build their own plugins and services on top of it by using public Connect APIs.

Connect integrates a developer platform and marketplace for Minecraft plugins and services integrated with Connect.

Not affiliated with Mojang nor Minecraft