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How do servers and players authenticate with the Connect Network?

Unique Server Endpoint Name

Connect has the concept of unique endpoint names to identify your server even after restarts. The Connect Plugin uses a token file to authenticate that you own an endpoint name in the Connect Network.


The token and endpoint name have a direct relationship, and you can use the same token for multiple endpoint names as long as they are available for use.

Trouble Shooting

If you see an error message like this in your console:

[connect]: Connection error with WatchService: Expected HTTP 101 response
    but was '401 Unauthorized'

It means that your endpoint name is already taken by another server. If you lose your token.json file your endpoint name is lost, and you will have to use a new name.

Player Authentication

Players authenticate their Minecraft account when joining the Connect Network. Connect will only route successfully authenticated players through encrypted tunnel connections to your server.

Unauthenticated Minecraft players are also supported to join your offline-mode server. Usually offline-mode player connections are not encrypted, but with Connect they are on the half way, because the player connections are transported on encrypted tunnels between the Connect Network edge and your server.

Plugins are released under the MIT License. (web version: 4ac5fc6e)